Marble Grinding

Marble Grinding for Countertops and Floorings

Marble grinding involves the use of diamond pad grinders in order for the marble floor to achieve a smooth and striking finish. Apparently, there are instances in which solid white marks can be noticed in onyx vanity tops as well as in marble countertops or floorings. It can be further observed that there are white spots that do not possess a translucent quality as compared to other light shades in an onyx top.

Difference of Stains and Etch Marks

Home owners sometimes think that the white marks are due to hard water, or from a cleaner. But it can be confirmed that these are not stains but can be referred to as ‘etch marks’. To distinguish them, stains are always darker than the tone color. Stains can be seen in marble stones when something is absorbed. On the other hand, etch marks are due to the corrosion of the marble surface secondary to the chemical reaction that had been directly exposed to acidic or alkaline substance. Acidic substances that can cause etch marks are citrus juice, soda, coffee and salad dressings. Most cleaning agents that have high alkalinity can also result to etch marks. As opposed to the darker color of stains in the marble stone, etch marks are characterized by dull, light or white colored spots.

Recommendation from Experts

Meanwhile, it is also feasible to have a stain and an etch mark in the same spot of the stone surface simultaneously. Various techniques can be executed in order to remove the stain. It can be through marble polishing or marble grinding.

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